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that video of sam pepper crying has literally given me a boner

Same tbh

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Good job you didn’t let the fuse burn long enough so it went out in a flash mid air

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new aesthetic: surreal pop punk

your shorts are glowing and are made of a material not known to this world. your vans die and regenerate every night. every band does covers of gregorian chants. your bangs extend into infinity.

fall out void

Abandon your mortal form and ascend to a higher plane! at the disco

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Rhys Pickering by Johan Sandberg - L’Officiel Hommes Italia #11, FW14

No one as or more attractive as me is allowed to have the name Rhys I’m sorry I have to kill him

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I think I’m ready!

Ok but look at her. Like, hOW?!??


you can look like a stale bagel with extra expired cream cheese and still get so many notes on tumblr white standards of beauty dictate my dashboard

I’m the stalest bagel where are my notes

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HAPPENING NOW (9.26.14): And in an instance, mayhem. The police attacked protesters without warning or clear provocation, mind you, WHILE the police chief was out chatting/marching with them. More to come tonight. Stay woke. #farfromover (PT I) (PT II)

So while the Chief was PR stuntin, one of his officers decided to charge through the crowd and INCITE A MELEE. I repeat, the officers got physical with protesters, and in the ensuing mayhem, used it as an excuse to whoop on some of the protesters. THERE IS VIDEO! CNN is already misreporting it as an attack on the chief. Do not let them spread that lie. These pigs have no regard, respect, or consideration for the protesters, peaceful or otherwise. #staywoke #farfromover


So I *strongly* disagree with this post calling police pigs, and I don’t think that’s helpful at all. The rest of this post, though, needs to be seen.

If Noah had the benefit of hindsight on his ship, he coulda snatched up 2 unicorns and left behind the mothafuckin pigs

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